First they have an Arab Spring that commences into riots in the streets and an over-throw of Mubarak. Then they have what is their version of a democratic election and elect a radical Islamist and the sharia Muslim Brotherhood. President Obama immediately speaks up to welcome our new partners in democracy and how the world is right once more. Alas, the military refuses to give full control to Morsi until some things are straightened out. The people revolt. Morsi gains full control and the people rejoice. Morsi condemns Israel and helps align Egypt with its Arab neighbors Syria and Iran. Morsi helps Hamas get weapons to Gaza. Morsi wants American dollars cause his economy is in the crapper. Hamas attacks Israel. Israel finally retaliates and Hamas plays the victim. SOS Clinton brokers deal for peace with Morsi for money and aid to the Palestinians. Obama is pleased once again and all is right with the world. Morsi, immediately after brokering peace removes power from the courts of Egypt and becomes supreme dictator. Egyptians riot. All is not good with our brethren in Egypt. Obama is silent.

What will happen is a military coup of Morsi and then military rule until someone tells the Egyptian people how democracy works. It will probably be Obama again (I have the strange feeling he helped in the first elections and that is why it looks like it does…..kinda like it looks here in the US) so that all will be right in the world. Except Egypt is NOT or friend or ally, there is no democracy and the Middle East is heating up once again. Some of this is distraction since Iran is still working on that bomb. Obama can only focus on one fire at a time and all the forests seem to be burning simultaneously. Where is Israel in all this? Wishing that they had a friend to cover their back. I’m sure they feel pretty alone in the world right now. And what is Obama’s strategy? Good question. Let me know when you figure it out. Hopefully before Farsi becomes our primary language.