Update: Bolling considering an Independent Run?

The word spread last evening that Lt Governor Bill Bolling was getting out of the race for the republican nomination for Governor next year. This morning he put out a statement that he is suspending his campaign.

AG Cuccinelli, who now has a clear path to the nomination, has put out the following statement:

“Statement from Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli:

I am honored and proud to have served with the Lieutenant Governor over the last decade, in the State Senate, as running mates for statewide office and as leaders of Virginia State Government.

Throughout this race, I have kept to the premise that Bill and I are allies in governance, even if temporary competitors in politics. Bill Bolling is a good man — a true public servant who has worked hard throughout his career to make Virginia a better place to live and raise our families. I cannot speak highly enough of his service.

I will honor the Lt. Governor’s service by campaigning for Governor as we both pledged to govern when we were sworn in, in 2010. I will continue the challenging work of advancing first principles in Virginia’s policy arena by creating an environment for maximizing job creation, preserving life, liberty and opportunity, and working to make Virginia a beacon of hope and prosperity in these tough economic times.”

As always, AG Cuccinelli is a class act. Lt Gov Bill Bolling’s statement leaves a lot to be desired. This is the second time Bolling has “backed out” of a process, he did so in 2009 and allowed then AG McDonnell a clear path to the nomination. This is getting to be quite a pattern for Bolling.