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Happy New Year to all NVTH readers, posters and contributors!

As I am typing, Green Bay just tied it up 34-34 with the Vikings with just about 2 minutes left. Chicago beat Detroit, which is not good for the Skins. From what I understand – if the Skins don’t win tonight – Chicago and the Vikings had to lose for the Skins to be eligible for a Wildcard slot.

Feel free to comment throughout the game. We have home field advantage, the weather is cold, RGIII may be 100%, Morris is on fire, but will the defense hold? Admittedly I am nervous!

It appears that yet another inconvenient truth has raised its head for the anti gun fanatics of the world. I am sure that they will dismiss this datum as well. It does not fit their narrative of a populace that needs to disarmed for its own good. Statistics from California demonstrate a correlation between a drop in gun crime and violence as the law abiding members of the population arm themselves. From the :

Gun deaths and injuries have dropped sharply in California, even as the number of guns sold in the state has risen, according to new state data.

The tone of the article shows that the “journalist” is perplexed. This information does not fit his world view either. Poor dear. Guns sales nearly doubled and the murder rate went down over 10%. Firearms sales soared with 650,000 purchases and the number of deaths and shootings fell over 10%. This is a story that has repeated itself in over 20 states. That is over 20, well documented case studies. This information means nothing to the control fanatic. For our own good, we must be disarmed.

Places like Switzerland are among the safest in the world. Guns ownership is mandatory. Switzerland is diverse, there are four national languages, German, French, Italian and an obscure Latin based mountain language called Romansh. A society does not need to either disarmed nor monolithic for it to be safe. What it does require is respect for the individual’s capacity to reason and make the right choice when under duress.

Violence in a culture can be attributed to many things. Weaponry choices are not one of them. The masacre of 1.5M Tutsi was accomplished largely with knives, clubs and fire — not bullets. Had the Tutsi been armed with guns the massacre would have ended abruptly, or, even better — it never would have started in the first place. Deterrence is the best protection.

The next best defense, after deterrence, is to be armed and trained as well or better then the initiator of the violence. The massacre in Norway would not have reached its monstrous proportions had someone on the island had been armed other then the evil creature who stalked the island that day. It is far harder to kill those who are able to protect themselves.

I was thinking back to something I read about these reality TV shows and how they are mostly scripted and not what they seem (oh, the horror). I just had a quick I’M with my daughter yesterday about “The Amish Mafia” where she told me it would be hillarious. I told her I didn’t see things that way since too many mush-headed people would believe it and that it was just another dumbing-down show coming out of Hollywood for the ignorant masses to enjoy and give the writers, directors and producers more money and credibility for absolutely nothing of worth. That’s when I thought of our federal government.

Let’s look at this from a rational perspective and we’ll see who is considered dumb here. The talking points that are posted here as well the articles from all news sources give room for rant as to one’s opinion. The sole purpose? For most, it is just about ratings. But how real and how scripted is it really? Well, when you listen to a colleague in Congress openly talk about how wonderful and what a good person another colleague is yet, when put in front of the camera, they talk poorly of each other. The truth is they are friends of the same stripe and the camera chatter is for show. They always reach across the aisle when they talk behind office doors. They conspire in chambers to the exclusion of the opposing side and sometimes, to their own kind when met with differing views. Why? Because they don’t want the American people to know what they are scheming. The president blames Congress for not doing their job when he is the biggest slacker of all. The Senate blames the House when the Senate can’t meet its Constitutional mandate. The House blames the Senate but the House can’t get its own caucus together because they can’t come together on who they work for. Deals are made to save face, position, committee appointment, power, retirement future and a place in the history book. In game shows you have winners and losers. Same way with some reality shows only this one always has the same loser–the American people. When something comes to pass in government you will always here what great issue was resolved where the citizen wins. And the MSM will promote that lie and the dumb will feel great and relieved by it all.

This government operation has been one big lie for many decades. The average citizen has been indoctrinated to believe any little accomplishment is earth shattering and are appeased by it. Thing is, after a while these shows get boring and no one wants to watch anymore so they either find a new twist to liven things up or they come up with a different show based on the same theme. The government show would like us to be bored so that they can steal and corrupt with impunity right out in the open and they are very close to being there. I’m trying to figure out how to focus on the local side without letting the national show get further out of control. Thing is, there is nothing interesting to make me watch the next episode, knowing that I will be thoroughly let down. Reality TV sucks.

Sign at corner store: “No hoodies or masks allowed”. Sign on credit union door: “Remove hats and sunglasses”. Either the proprietor will shoot you if you don’t comply or he will know when he is about to be robbed. Feel good statements brought on by hysteria so that you can lose a few common freedoms. Ok, don’t do business there. But what about mortgages to unqualified individuals? Private healthcare? Making state stores sell arms illegally to individuals forced from the US gov’t? National edict on standards for state public schools? US gov’t trade taxes for state goods? How about entitlement programs? How about no US gov’t budget which affects commerce, industry and personal economics? Un-elected individuals that make punishable and costly rules for all to abide? Federal courts were ideology rules and law is MADE instead of discerned, especially when it circumvents the Constitution–the law of the land? These are just some of what is happening outside the scope of our Constitution and circumventing that which is not under federal purview but some belonging to the states.

What is happening here is the breaking of the pact of the Republic with its individual states. We shouldn’t be entertaining the idea of a DC statehood but we are. West Virginia set up an illegal government, seceded from Virginia and was recognized by the Union government….in 1863. If the Confederacy was illegal then so are the 2 examples I just cited. Joining the union is no different than marriage–if it doesn’t work out then you get a divorce. An allegiance is as good as the pact it was made from. You don’t stayed married for the children’s sake if that marriage is very detrimental to all involved. Same with a state. The US gov’t HAS (not had) distinct and definable rules to follow. When those rules are broken, that would be considered a treasonous act perpetrated on all the people and the states. When inaction to remove the law-breakers result, one outcome is left. We are a nation following laws that no man is above and that the US gov’t must follow. When people succumb to nuances that take their freedom, and allow its subtlety to direct their lives, they lose that which was freedom and become subjects–slaves to the will of the master–the gov’t. It is not nor should it ever be “We, the government..”. We are at a place in history where the US gov’t needs to be handcuffed from doing any more harm, as well reinstating those freedoms being lost or the states need to be pushed to exodus from this enveloping monster. It’s better to be right and move on then be complacent and go down with a sinking ship.

Too many commentors here are illogical and irrational. Why? Because they work on “feel good” rather than laws and data. Their information comes from the MSM and there back hip pocket…which means they haven’t a clue. This is a post I am writing so that you may comment yet others haven’t a clue the difference between the two. Clips and magazines, right and wrong, GOD’s law and man’s law. At the bottom of the fold I will attach a funny e-mail I received, only I didn’t laugh. It shows the insanity of those that NEED to feel good without good reason or substantiation. Now the commentors I am talking about wouldn’t have a prayer for credibility if it weren’t for the upside down nature of our recent society where we are being run and dictated to by the asylums of the criminally insane. Yes, I do mean criminal. Not only does the mechanations of this country refute GOD’s law in its daily dealings, they refuse to follow those laws of man. CHANGE. HOPE. PEACE. All hollow words to promote an ideology to further the destruction of our republic, our society and our species.

The polar bears are dying out because of global warming. So are the tigers. You can “figuratively” adopt one for 60 cents a day. Where does the money go? You can help an orphan in another country for the same amount of “saving” a dog from being slaughtered by the SPCA (the same people asking for the money that doesn’t save ANY animal) for just 50 cents. Where does the money go? It is nothing more than “feel good” while doing nothing. NOTHING! How about our homeless? The insane? The working class? Who is there to save them? We have an ignorant degenerate filling the WH with holiday trees while someone dies on a heat vent in the street. We have people pushing gun laws while discipline is taken out of the home, the Constitution is taught incompletely in the schools, national idols are criminals and perverts, and GOD isn’t allowed anywhere near the public square.

There is always a risk in life. By making “feel good” laws, dire consequences prevail. By ignoring those laws which made our republic in the first place, dire consequences prevail. There is no utopia here on earth. We use to do the best we could with parameters but now we just keep muddying the waters with confusion, discord and dismay. Ideology. Other than what our fore-fathers gave us from the beginning, I feel, has no place. Especially when that original pact is mis-interpreted and refused to be followed. We don’t need more “change” going “forward” but to look back from where we started and change things back to where they belong. Any other course is but further destruction of our intended way of life continue reading…

I will be traveling to see the grandbabies in a bit. Since my orders are NO ELECTRONIC DEVICES, I will be off the air for 4 days. On behalf of NVTH and its posters, we would like to extend a Christmas wish to all our readers. May your Christmas be safe and enjoyed with loved ones. May you achieve some inner peace in these trying times. Remember and help those who have need. May the soldiers of all branches be protected and given thanks for their unending sacrifice. And may GOD bless us all……everyone!


UPDATE: 3:40 pm and Sterling is getting a snow shower.