It’s Christmas time and the Salvation Army is tying its very best to hire bell ringers to collect for charitable needs. These are the people that will accept your change or just your best wishes and smile at you. They also help the most because of the Christians they are. But they do have a shortage of bell ringers here and other places. But this is just a small problem facing the SA.

There is an article here that shows how some may be annoyed by these people of peace.. Then there are the imposters trying to ruin the charity and the good it does.. And then you have the non-believers. This asshole had to repeat himself over again because he must feel the reader couldn’t “hear” what he typed. LOUD AND CLEAR IN BOTH EARS…….ASSHOLE! Atheists are obnoxious slugs, aren’t they?

If you thought you had problems, it is already evident in the numerous articles I have read that the Salvation Army is hurting in both recruits and donations. When they don’t have the means, others without the means suffer in their needs. Charity may end as we know it with the liberal Grinch eroding our society. Give what you can, when you can and wish all a Merry Christmas loudly and with a smile.