Remember the elections of 2010 where the Tea Party put up conservative candidates for election and many of them won seats in Congress? And do you remember the angst they gave Boehner when he tried to deal with Obama (read give away the store) and these conservatives bucked him and the system? And remember when the Republican Party was known as the “conservative” party? Then what is this all about? And why is he presenting 800B in deduction elimination? I don’t know who is driving this bus but Boehner and Cantor are surely in the back seat. This needs an investigation with public humiliation towards those involved.

Why are we worried about raising the debt ceiling when all we do is borrow money to pay interest on the money we borrowed? If the House holds the purse strings, why are we funding ANYTHING until spending is gotten under control? If Boehner and the Republican house want to deal, there is a Ryan Budget Plan sitting over in the Senate and needs to be voted on. Let that be the starting point and have the Senate and Obama work from that platform. This is beyond stupid. The conservatives are looking for a home and the GOP is no longer it. We need amendments on term limits, no retirement pensions for congress and a flat tax. We also need another party for conservative values only. Why there isn’t open revolt from the people is beyond me. I would like to go secession and back to State rights where we belong because the US govt is out of bounds and out of control. Tar, feathers and firing squads come to mind.