You already know how I feel about unions and public schools. Let me preface this-again-with “there are good teachers and there are those where it is nothing more than a job, benefits and a pay check”. This is one big Charlie Foxtrot.

The governor of Louisiana (pronounced LOU-ZEE-ANNA) felt the state needed to help those kids in C, D and F rated schools get an education so what he did was give vouchers for those in need of an education. Why weren’t those kids learning in those schools? Must have been the buildings. Oops, buildings don’t teach. Must have been the kids. No, they were looking for the education they weren’t getting from the C, D an F schools. I wonder who to blame here? Anyway, the teachers union got wind of this and sued the state to put the kids BACK INTO THOSE BAD SCHOOLS! Really? I thought liberals cried about everything for the children. Where was their sympathy in this case? Right, it’s about the paycheck. How can they hold their positions if the kids vacate the schools, just so that they can learn. This is how pathetic things have gotten.

Oh, wait! Seems a judge has sided with the teachers as you can see in this article. Bobby is hopping mad and rightly so. I think he should start taking some of the monies for allocation and start giving less to the PS and more into vouchers. Put enough bad teachers on the unemployment line and maybe they will catch on. If not, oh well. At least the kids won’t have to suffer stupid and maybe have a chance at self responsibility and an earned living through a REAL education.