I know it sounds redundant but…….well….okay, it kinda is but that is what liberals are like. I know this will also make Wolverine cry some more, for his beloved city has become nothing more than another seat in the out house. The city is absolutely in its death throws and is another in a continuing line of dominoes, just waiting for the little push to fall over. It appears as a microcosm of what Greece is now. It isn’t the first and it won’t be the last. I am just wondering when the other shoe will fall. You know–the one where the US Government will first start to bail out the cities and then whole states with the money we don’t have. Why would the government do that? Well, because the unions are too big to allow to fail. Especially when they exist as a mindless army of lemmings awaiting the Piper’s call. But it’s okay because they don’t make cars in Detroit much anymore……we import them. You just have to wait for the dock strikes to be over if you need to buy one. Sorry, Yank.