Example: A guy spends much time, energy and money creating a widget. He patents the widget and finds backers to fund his business. He buys a facility, hires people, sets up material suppliers and starts building and selling widgets. His business thrives, he pays back his backers and expands. After taxes and overhead, his net worth is $500,000,000. He has 5 children and they all get 100 million each. They are set for life and never have to work.

A ranting woman on the radio, who lives in Atlanta, was talking about the upper 2% paying their fair share. When it was explained to her that they usually end up paying about 60% in taxes on each dollar, she couldn’t grasp that aspect. It was the point that they have millions and that isn’t fair. “What percentage do you think they owe?” was asked of her. She said 50%. “They already pay more than that” was told her. She didn’t get it still. “They have millions and need to share” she said. And the children? “They didn’t earn that money and shouldn’t have it” she said. “They don’t need all that money and need to give their fair share!”. THEY. THEM. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing but then realized I hear that liberal crap everyday at this blog from people that just don’t get it.

We have a culture that has been indoctrinated for a long time now with two things in mind: greed and envy. We have stopped teaching self responsibility, hard work, motivation and individualism. We have created a culture of racism, mis-trust, laziness and class envy. “If I don’t have it and you do, you should do the right thing and give me yours”. This concept truly is socialism and it is spreading like a forest fire. To put it in plain terms, it is theft. If it ain’t yours but you want it, work for it. There’s nothing stopping you but you. Fair share? No one ever said life was fair but you deal with it.