I was thinking back to something I read about these reality TV shows and how they are mostly scripted and not what they seem (oh, the horror). I just had a quick I’M with my daughter yesterday about “The Amish Mafia” where she told me it would be hillarious. I told her I didn’t see things that way since too many mush-headed people would believe it and that it was just another dumbing-down show coming out of Hollywood for the ignorant masses to enjoy and give the writers, directors and producers more money and credibility for absolutely nothing of worth. That’s when I thought of our federal government.

Let’s look at this from a rational perspective and we’ll see who is considered dumb here. The talking points that are posted here as well the articles from all news sources give room for rant as to one’s opinion. The sole purpose? For most, it is just about ratings. But how real and how scripted is it really? Well, when you listen to a colleague in Congress openly talk about how wonderful and what a good person another colleague is yet, when put in front of the camera, they talk poorly of each other. The truth is they are friends of the same stripe and the camera chatter is for show. They always reach across the aisle when they talk behind office doors. They conspire in chambers to the exclusion of the opposing side and sometimes, to their own kind when met with differing views. Why? Because they don’t want the American people to know what they are scheming. The president blames Congress for not doing their job when he is the biggest slacker of all. The Senate blames the House when the Senate can’t meet its Constitutional mandate. The House blames the Senate but the House can’t get its own caucus together because they can’t come together on who they work for. Deals are made to save face, position, committee appointment, power, retirement future and a place in the history book. In game shows you have winners and losers. Same way with some reality shows only this one always has the same loser–the American people. When something comes to pass in government you will always here what great issue was resolved where the citizen wins. And the MSM will promote that lie and the dumb will feel great and relieved by it all.

This government operation has been one big lie for many decades. The average citizen has been indoctrinated to believe any little accomplishment is earth shattering and are appeased by it. Thing is, after a while these shows get boring and no one wants to watch anymore so they either find a new twist to liven things up or they come up with a different show based on the same theme. The government show would like us to be bored so that they can steal and corrupt with impunity right out in the open and they are very close to being there. I’m trying to figure out how to focus on the local side without letting the national show get further out of control. Thing is, there is nothing interesting to make me watch the next episode, knowing that I will be thoroughly let down. Reality TV sucks.