I did a post years ago about disrespecting the American flag. Some Richmond blog picked up on it and railed what an aggressive individual I was. Many comments from liberals how it is a right to desecrate the flag and that it is only “cloth”, nothing more. Well, this bone-headed teacher decided to demonstrate ignorance to his class……3 TIMES! You would think that we should be teaching respect and love of our country but I guess not.

At the same time, the Gates did this study about teachers quality related to student test scores. The study has mixed reviews but it tends to be credible for the most part. Now if we can show that good teachers make a difference, why is there so much push-back about evaluations on teachers? Because we might weed out ones like the dipshit above? Because kids might start learning? Because unions promote stupidity? I can think of a thousand excuses but not one good reason. We need to educate our children if we pay for that publicly. We need to send inferior teachers to a fed job or McDonalds. And we need to promote wholesome and moral people for positions in teaching–not ideologues.