I guess O’Malley is running for president cause “the time is right” to enforce things he ALWAYS tried to get. Read that here.

Not to be outdone (or vise versa) Cuomo is trying to stay ahead of his possible contender in the Dem presidential process. He’s gone further by background checks on ammo that raises flags for the “confiscaters” when your inventory becomes too large (what arbitrary amount that is I don’t know). Read that here but be forewarned–the slobbering coverage of the print is in line with the thrill running up Chris Mathews’ leg!

And, not running anymore because he already holds the office, Obama comes out with the “Biden Analysis” (sounds like a mental disorder, doesn’t it?) which is about gun bans, gun bans and….gun bans. There was one thing about having the CDC do a “study” about mental health but real research with data on gun violence. Why would the CDC do research on gun violence? Because it is a disease and affects ALL 2nd Amendment believers. It just remains dormant within you until an “opportunity” avails itself. Read about it here.

So where does this put us? Well, it makes the emotionals feel better. I don’t know what you may think about this, although I’m sure I’ll hear, but I see blaming guns, playing sympathies and curtailing freedoms until we get use to being subjects. Pandering at its worse and using kids and tragedies to further push ideology. Disgusting tactics to say the least.