I think we ought to send Obama letters of thanks for not getting us into war with Algeria. Even though the Algerians mucked up the hostage situation with al Kinda, only one American was lost (until we get the full details later). The Algerians refused our help, so we are told, because they can screw things up just as good Obama does. And now Barry doesn’t have to feel bad about not doing anything in a timely manner before he got all the “intell” of what was going on. Bravo!

Being as how it is Algeria, I’m surprised that the FFL (French Foreign Legion) didn’t do one of their spooky things and take out One Eye (not sure if he is kin to BlackEye) and his merry band of turbin pirates. Far as I know, the two countries are still on good terms. One thing I cannot figure out though: what the heck is a Mali? And why are the French looking for al Kinda there? Isn’t al Kinda dispersed and no longer a threat to the world since Trash Bin Laden was terminated? Does anyone have some good CIA dope on this?