I could make a hundred part series about this but I ain’t gunna. It will be a long-short post with enough to prove a point. There are many thousands of examples I could cite but I’ll save that for comments. This isn’t about political parties as much as it is about cultures, therefore, we will deal with just conservative constitutionalists and liberals.

Let’s just start with the name. “Civil War” is a northern coined term. The name infers a conflict between two factions attempting to gain control of the government which was not the case. Neither was it a “War between the States” because, although each state was sovereign, each state was not fighting another state. Rather a collective of states, creating a nation, was fighting another nation. Now Southern Nationalists use and prefer the term “War for Southern Independence” but I don’t really agree with that because through secession, the South had already declared and received its independence. No, it was only when the north invaded the South had war begun and the term most appropriate would be the “War of Northern Aggression”. But I’ll accept any of these terms you use and feel comfortable with here.

How did it come about? The liberal north would have you believe it was about slavery. That is what all the Yankee textbooks say since they have been the “teaching texts” used in public schools since the war began. That would also be the lies that the liberal Yankee politicians and the money-grubbing elitists, with the aid of print (newspapers) and periodicals (magazines) pushed upon the people (sound familiar?). So let’s briefly look at slavery.
Slave trading was in existence before the colonies of America. It was introduced into America decades after the establishment of Jamestown. Slavery was in the U.S. Constitution. Slave trading was sanctioned and protected by international law.. It matters not how anyone feels about slavery today. Of the time it was law and natural order, be it right or wrong. The majority of the population in the colonies could not afford slaves. You also had as many people in the South as in the north that didn’t believe in slavery and thought the practise should be abolished. Slaves were necessary to build the industry in the north as well the farming in the South. Now I will show you a sampling of the deceit, lies and hypocrisy of the north.

Virginia was the first state to prohibit slave trading in 1778. After the law was enacted, any slave that entered the state was deemed “free”. In the north, it wasn’t until there was enough cheap white immigrant labor available for industry before states started “emancipating” slaves. That emancipation worked like this: if you were over 21 years of age when the law came into being then you were deemed “free”. If under 21, you were a slave for live. All children born unto slaves after the law were slaves to age 21. Unlike the South, whites in the north wouldn’t work side by side with slaves and caused great revolts. Matter of fact, Negroes couldn’t do any work that might displace a white worker. Then the north made laws about non-voting and no education for slaves or freemen. Then they changed residency requirements so that freemen couldn’t live among the whites. Sometimes, not even in the STATE! Even though Massachusetts went through emancipation, it NEVER repealed its slave law. But it did pass a law after emancipation that every black, mulatto or Indian that came into the state longer than 2 months would be whipped publicly. If the individual didn’t leave, they would repeat the punishment. Needless to say, Massachusetts got the affect it wanted in ridding itself of those undesirables. Nice, equality, non-racists people, don’t you think?
Since slaves were property and worth so much, before, during and after emancipation (that’s right, AFTER), those kind Yankees would sell their slaves to traders in the Caribbean or the South. After all, it would be a shame to lose on an investment. The “after emancipation” part is when Yankees would capture slaves up north and not return them (which was against the Constitution) but continue SELLING them. This includes the freemen they came across also. Never let a dollar go to waste. You see, as a whole, Yankees didn’t like Negroes nor Indians and they surely didn’t want them around in their neighborhoods. So they promote the lie of civil, equality, non-racists when they were anything but.

So, as you can see, it wasn’t about slaves but about greed and power. I’ll further prove it here. The north’s wealth derived from taxes, tariffs and trade. Before the beginning of hostilities, there were more millionaires in the South than in the north. In 1860, if the South were an independent nation, it would rank 3rd highest of all European and American economies. In 1786, John Jay, of New York, enraged Southerners and showed further the Yankee liberal mentality, by pushing to give rights of the Mississippi to Spain in exchange for ports there. This would have shut down the flow of goods through Southern ports and redirect that trade through the higher tariff northern ports. Just one of many underhanded things liberals pushed.
George Lunt, author of Origin of the Late War noted,

In 1833 there was a surplus revenue of many millions in the public treasury which by an act of legislation unparalleled in the history of nations was distributed among the Northern States to be used for local public improvements.

He never met Obama.
President James Buchanan’s message to Congress declared,

The South had not had her share of money from the treasury, and unjust discrimination had been made against her….

Patrick Henry warned the South about placing her faith in the good will of the north when he spoke out against the proposed Constitution:

But I am sure of the dangers of this system [the Federal Constitution] are real, when those who have no similar interest with the people of this country [the South] are to legislate for us–when our dearest rights are to be left, in the hands of those, whose advantage it will be to infringe them.

Did you notice the use of the word “country” as it pertained to the South even BEFORE the ratification of the Constitution?

Just after the Revolution, northern states transferred all state war debts to the federal government. That debt would be paid by the government raising tariffs, which would be a windfall for the north, while the South paid the lions share of tariffs. My, my. You can think of this as the few paying for the many. You could also compare it to the Southern middle class supporting the Yankee liberal elitists. In 1859, cotton export alone, was valued at $161,434,923 where the TOTAL export of ALL goods from the north was $78,217,202. There is a plethora of examples of how the north passed laws and imposed tariffs on those “ignorant, lazy, rednecks” in the South. Oh, yes, the north hated the South, even more than the Negroes.

Since the beginning settlements, there have been two very different and distinct cultures in America. In the agrarian South, outside of the plantation system of 159,000 individuals, you had plain folk who were not class conscious and not in open competition with larger planters. They believed in GOD, morality, family, community and the freedom and independence from government to pursue happiness and leisure. They had great respect for and communed with nature. Happiness in work and leisure was their understanding and goal. The “money-grubbing” industrial north was focused on dedicated work (think punching a time clock) to earn wage and profit in order to buy “things” (think Paris fashions, fine furniture, show horses, etc.)–all focus being materialistic. Yes, these were two very distinct and different cultures that truly were never homogeneous nor ever could be.

But let’s just put all this cause of hostility into perspective from the words of the great emancipator, Abe Lincoln. When Lincoln was asked why the north should not let the South go, his reply was this:

Let the South go? Let the South go! Where then shall we get our revenues?”

Where indeed!