This gun stuff is getting out of hand. Seems a kid built a gun in class and freaked out the teacher and classmates. This happened in Cape Cod, Mass.! These liberals don’t like guns and don’t want guns introduced to children, which is why they demonize them so heavily. Now the first thing that happens when you bar and deny something fro someone, their curious nature draws them toward that thing. Next thing you know, this kid will discover Home Depot and find the parts to make zip guns and pipe bombs. That will escalate to blogging with nefarious individuals and joining a Jihadi organization and commtiting terrorist acts around the world. Yes, this can’t be tolerated. The boy got off with a warning and a 2 week suspension if it were ever to happen again. I think the kid got off lucky. Read it here

I’m .just trying to figure out how he made a gun with that Holly Hobbit Lego system.