Seems that something new has surfaced in ObamaCare. They intend to penalize smokers. 50 year olds that smoke pay an ADDITIONAL $4,100. If 60, $5,200. Why the penalty? If you talk cancer, birth control pills cause cancer. They are going to allow prior illnesses in for coverage. What do we do about the potheads? Tobacco gives off carbon monoxide, where they believe the cancer is stimulated (cancer cells occur in EVERYONE). Well, so do volcanoes, pot, fires and internal combustion engines, power plants that burn fuels, etc. Fire fighters have a better chance of getting lung cancer. Should we outlaw the profession or just make them pay a’penalty also.

Let’s also not forget about asbestos, which occurs naturally and is products like brakes, insulation, ceiling tiles, concrete pipe, shingles, siding, and the list goes on. How can you ever prove beyond doubt which incidence or factor is the cause? You can’t. There is no definitive marker. And smoking carries a “sin” tax that fills everyone’s coffers, yet it is being demonized and eliminated at every turn. Where is the money to come from to replace it? Smoking is gone from the workplace inside, and almost outside; from restaurants and bars, many “public” places, and they are looking at outside ANYWHERE and possibly in your own home. They are trying to move legislation thru Congress in Virginia to eliminate smoking in your car with children inside.

How far do we go to lose our freedoms? Why enact penalties in one case but not uniformly to all? I want to hear the outrage on this issue.