You know when you hear some really stupid stuff (as often happens on this blog), it gives you pause and makes you wonder if your hearing aids have failed you or you took more doses of your meds then you shoulda? Now I will have to give Deb Feyerick some latitude because people always seem to confuse asteroids and hemeroids as being a meteoric event. They are not. that makes this news broadcast medioric at best. Now everyone that ever had science knows that it would be galactic warming and this happens when the sun gets closer to a state of super nova. It changes magnetic pulls and orbits, it makes comet’s icy tails space vapor, and will turn the perma-frost of Mars into a water planet……in 60 million years. But she really didn’t know cause she just wanted to talk BS. Of course, when you notice this site I just sent you to, and you look at other stories in the left side bar, it will all become crystal clear. Ny advice to all this: stop driving, stop breathing and watch the sky!