Well, no news is old news but now there is a new, non-existent update to no news. Per this article in Washington’s rubbish rag, the Delgaudio vendetta continues. Through anonymous (well, almost anyway) sources, who aren’t allowed to reveal anything, (oops) innuendo was made, without valid confirmation, about maybe or maybe not, something. The rest of the story dates back a year ago which everyone knows…..except BlackOut. As was stated over the year, this issue is on-going until its finality. Some people can’t wait. Some people won’t wait (as a blogger here has already had him indicted) and want the Supervisor hung by lynch mob. As is customary (or has been for 12 years), the minions of hate must have somewhere to regurgitate the poison that knots their stomach, so, again, I accommodate. Whine away if it keeps your head from exploding.