I will post 3 scary issues facing us today. One I am very familiar with. You can pick and choose which one scares you the most. All 3 worry me greatly.

Iran is a terrorist nation. It is building a nuclear device and is aided in both its refining of nuclear material and rocketry by another terrorist nation, North Korea. Both hate the U.S. and feel our government weak. Not a good thing. Sanctions aren’t working to the point they should because these nation’s governments aren’t too concerned about their people as they are about their standing in the world. That is a very bad thing. And what about the UN? Thugs LLC are very much part of the problem as being an inept body of thieves and “feel gooders”.

First, peruse this article about Obama’s feelings on nuclear arsenals, which appears to be a naive notion at best on his part (this is where strong, understanding cabinet positions count; not like minded lackeys). Then you have something on how the supreme authority in Iran views things. As he says, he’s a revolutionary. So was Che Guevara but not to the extreme of this guy. Then there is North Korea. It has its “eye on the prize” from whatever viewpoint it sees it. Read this article here and then hear what the little dictator who would be supreme ruler here (he is vying for the same position as Obama).

Now there are many more articles you can find but the bottom line will be the same–there is a current escalation of nuclear arsenals and countries, all being more than just “saber rattling”. The world has become that much more dangerous and you shouldn’t be worried about health-care, minimum wage or immigration at this time. The ante has been raised too high to ignore the seriousness of the game anymore.