Over a half century ago, I learned in school that the Ganges River, which is held as a religious icon of sorts, carries in it some of the most horrid cooties know to man. Why? Because people bathe and die in it, all in the hope of being cured from their ills. And people in the states worry about someone radical introducing a contagion into our water supplies. In India, they do it without understanding or of a nonchalant attitude. Regardless, new strains of disease, usually morphed into drug resistant types, are becoming more common place everyday. Think about those scary diseases out there that you hope you never get, then reflect on the ones that have now become “incurable”. AIDS has now become a piker comparatively.

Think. Those people that legally immigrate to this country without a thorough medical screening. The illegals pouring through our borders. Visitors from other countries coming here. A trip overseas for vacation or business. You hear about outbreaks of diseases all the time yet you feel insulated from harm since it happens “off shore”. Really? What is contained in that sneeze from a woman on the subway? The cough from the man at the movie theatre? That bathroom door handle after you just got through washing your hands? A co-worker whispering something to you at a meeting? “That can’t happen to me” or “You are just being paranoid” are naive statements of no weight. Here are two articles on just TB alone. You can find many others out on the web. We have become a close knit community without the safeguards necessary to coexist. This is something that can’t be ignored anymore. If you remember your movies, WAR OF THE WORLDS was based on germs which killed the Martians wholesale yet we had the antibodies to stave those same germs off. I think the warehouse holding antibodies is depleted and on back order.