When the U.S. is involved in a war, our military takes priority for essentials. When these wars escalate, sometimes there becomes a temporary shortage of items in the civilian market. Much is the case with ammunition. Most casings used for our shooting/self defense revolve around brass. I have always been a proponent of steel casings in war zones since we rarely police our brass and it drives the cost of things up where that metal is used. We have seen a scarcity of ammunition before and it becomes sometimes difficult to keep up firearm proficiency when the market is depleted. But what is going on with the government?

The government buys ammunition through different departments that WE pay for. It tried to abolish selling used brass to vendors and would crush the casings instead. The backlash from the civilian vendors and the loss of business and employment turned things around and the status quo was upheld. This was a scheme from the “gun-banners” trying a backdoor approach to disarmament. It has been discussed recently about “taxing” these rounds and background checks on ammunition purposes to, again, move in a direction of disarmament. But wait. Remember I just told you about war escalation and shortages for civilians? Our government is on another spending spree, this time for stockpiling ammunition. The Washington Coposte explains it away “off the cuff” but for some reason, the math doesn’t add up. If for training and practice purposes they use only 15 million rounds a year, in ten years that would be 150 million rounds. Yet they say they have purchase on 750 million rounds, which is well short of the 1.6 BILLION rounds on order. That would train there agents for well over 100 years where everyone else would be using handheld rail guns or phasers. Sorry, I don’t buy it.

The Social Security administration needs ammo too. Why? As Ed might say, “how can guns give you a sense of social security” and if he did really think this way, he would still be wrong. But why does that agency need ammo? To shoot perps who steal SSA checks from old ladies mailboxes? I smell rotting fish. Then again, I think this article is just a wee bit over the top. But, hey, I’ve been wrong before. And why blackout parts of the contract? What story is being hidden here? How about and the IRS? Ammunition to put beached baby harp seals out of their misery? For shooting killer tornadoes? The IRS is hiring 10,000 new personnel to steal directly from your banks accounts in order for you to have mandatory health-care. Is the ammunition for those agents who must go to your house and capture your mattress monies because you closed your bank accounts?

I could have fun with this all day but when you add in items that tend to turn these organizations into pseudo para-military types, my red flag is up. What the hell scares these people so? Surely they aren’t training for an armed insurrection of the citizens, are they? Shoot, that would be unpatriotic and treasonous of the citizens, per one of the bloggers here. Still, it has to send a cold chill down your spine wondering what’s it all about Alfie?