I’m still chuckling over this gun buy-back program in Seattle. I often wonder how many rare and collectable firearms get turned in by people who are scared of guns. I saw a show where some guy in California wanted to pawn a rare set of British dueling pistols for $200. They were in his family for generations but HE DIDN’T LIKE GUNS. He made $1500 and was happy. The set sells for $4500 to a collector. Wish I had been there. and seemed to make out well. It pissed the police chief off but he legally couldn’t stop it. What gets me is this: there was $80,000 to be used in the buy-back and it was gone in 2 hours. Without IOUs and what the dealers got, that is a MINIMUM of 400 guns. Why would a liberal bastion like Seattle have so many liberals WITH guns? Anyone else would have privately sold the gun to get its true value (which would be considerably more than what the city was offering).

If I remember the story, it goes something like this: the angel Intelligence was in charge of keeping an inventory of brains on hand. Intelligence was tasked with additional duties and got behind in his brain inventory–he ran out. GOD couldn’t make a group of people complete so he said to the people “I have run out of brains to give you. Rather than wait for a new supply, I have created a new place for you to inhabit called Seattle, where you won’t have need of brains anyway” of which the people agreed (HE used this tact numerous other times also. Must be some kind of insider Heavenly joke). And there you have it.

What isn’t a joke is this bill being put forth in Congress which is to institute a national buy-back scheme with YOUR money. But wait, it gets better. Seems one of those pesky DOJ documents is looking at the viability of how to get your guns. You can follow the leads here. Government buying oodles of rounds of ammo. Gun buy-backs with YOUR money. Registration. Mandatory background checks for all guns. Damn. I remember something like this in history but I just can’t put my finger on it.