In the old days they would hang you for stealing a horse. It curtailed horse stealing somewhat and I, personally, am for it. But we have become a more sophisticated society rather than a barbaric one. Could have fooled me. White collar crime, as the term goes, will give you jail time because it causes “no harm” or “no lasting harm”. Fooled me twice. If you only knew about the illegal attempted breaches on our government in a day, it would blow you mind. And with the firewalls, enhanced security, layers of passwords for access, even the immunity granted computer thieves now turned protectorate weenies for the cause, attackers still get through. The ones most vulnerable are on the outside of the government umbrella, where some of the same information resides. “Let the government control it all” is the wrong frigging answer for the wrong country.

This isn’t new news. It has been going on for quite sometime. It is the frequency and the targets that are becoming disconcerting. China seems to be on a roll of late but there are others including Israel (you didn’t know?). But China and Anonymous worry me the most because they have the most success. One groups gets pissed off and proves a point while another looks for weaknesses to what ends (this is REALLY scary). This is high tech at work. Our friend. That which will ease our lives. What high tech can’t do is to invade low tech. Getting your bills in the mail produces more jobs in billing and the post office. Win-win. Going to the bank for a statement concern saves your information from being captured in cyberspace. Having your medical records solely in your doctor’s office keeps your privacy where it belongs. Having a technician drive to an equipment location may be a half hour of your inconvenience, but it saves from having a bug keep you inconvenient for days, weeks, months… There will always be some trade-off but what is it worth to you? I know what it is worth to me. I could tell you a tale about a seemingly innocuous game of Angry Birds where a link found was turned into the appropriate agencies and it was found to be an access tie for a data dump of whatever device was being used. Wonder how many people gave away their life story by hitting that link.

Cyber crime is not white collar. It can cause a disruption of a service that puts life in jeopardy. Loosing your life’s worth through data manipulation is jeopardy to life. These crimes are not seemingly “unhurtful” and when need to go back to “hanging horse thieves” as it were, to show that it will not be tolerated. That or low tech would work just fine for me.