Well, if you were stoned then you may believe anything. Co. tourism is gearing up on how to promote their state as a place you want to visit. The biggest attraction seems it will be “Come get high with us……LEGALLY!” I wonder if they are prepared for the snowboarding and ski accidents while high? How about some hottub drownings? Sorry, I forgot that Maryjane is a “safe” drug. Restaurants and 7-11′s should do a whooping business. I just don’t see these bozos paying $600 + RT airfare to buy 5 to 10 joints so that they can legally smoke in the open when they could buy an ounce illegally and smoke in their house. I am curious to see how they will advertise this. One drawback may be the dregs that come and stay for the high and end up on the rolls of the unemployed and on the dole of the government. The grand experiment seems to be gaining speed. But, hey, that is what makes America great–the individuality of the States. Colorado is for potheads. New York is for heroin. New Jersey is for bestiality. Kentucky is for incest. Washington is for homosexuals. I mean, the possibilities are endless.