There’s a new TV show called “The Americans” and it is about spying during the Cold War around the early 80′s. The premise is that the Soviet Union planted individuals and cells within the U.S. that look, act and talk just like normal Americans and they are activated to do nefarious things to aid the Motherland. Well, cells and individuals of those type still exist, with many countries hosting the endeavors. What makes it easy for them to do their business is how we deem the word “normal”.

Gambling used to be done at the track, a friendly street dice game, cards at some back room. Now there are higher stake illegal games as well certified casinos for gambling. Prostitution use to be on street corners, bars and “Miss B’s tea emporium”. Not anymore. Mustang ranches, sanctioned as a business by state, and escort services are the norm now. We help when people ask for a favor because we have a sense of usefulness. Not the bum on the corner you give change to but, say, a neighbor that needs computer guidance, or a co-worker that doesn’t know how to do an access or work around. Maybe just giving hints and information on how they can do what they are telling you they need done. Helping is also hiring that illegal. We seem to have an affinity to espouse what we know and show ourselves as being “important” or “special” when it comes to conversing with that really friendly and great guy at the bar or sporting event. You ask, “What are you on about, ACT”. Everyone of these habits is a primary site for extortion and blackmail and they are used with great frequency.

The issue with illegal immigration is before us and the government is trying to work out a fair remake o the system. They are even harboring the idea to give green cards to those who graduate higher degrees in specific fields after they are educated here. Big deal, you say? Most spying is condoned from the campus. After all, school kids ain’t too bright when it comes to maturity and security. And then we want to place these higher degrees into forefront technologies. Where in all this did we ask where their allegiance lies? Where is the background checks on foreign nationals (which is a really stupid question since that information would come from that national’s country of origin and would be what ever that country wanted us to believe). Why is there not polygraph checks done on ANY basis for sensitive jobs in corporate America (not just the government contract side of the house)? Why has America become so lax that they don’t understand the term “just shut up”?

The government has been warned from both the inside and outside of the threat and occurrance of theft of our most valued property but they still show a hesitancy to expedite a solution. As with my cyber post, here they talk more of what they intend to do. Talk. Meanwhile, everyday there are more occurrences of theft and subterfuge. Here are some past cases just linked to China but too many other countries are in on this game. How can we afford such blind trust anymore. The answer is—we can’t.