Congress Member,

I don’t know what else to call you other than this title. Although you feel that the title you won through the election process, be it Senator or Representative, bestows a mantle of esteem, it doesn’t. Esteem. That is a word that is earned-not given. When used with the word Congress, it becomes an oxymoron. If you take the good members and lump them with the bad members, you get a congealed blob called Congress. It may seem truly unfair to mass everyone together but what is shown to the people? Everyone stands out by their own right yet no one stands out uniquely. You are opponents on issue for the media to broadcast to all yet you are all “chums” at socials and away from the cameras. What I see is that you do the bidding for your own endeavors but not the bidding of the people.

The bidding of the people. What people are those? Are those the people of the world? No, it is not. Are those the people of the state or district? To a lesser degree, yes. To the greater degree, it is for all the people of the United States as a whole. And how should your authority be delegated to these people? Through the Constitution and its principles. Those principles are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Your job is to defend us from enemies foreign and domestic. To give us fair trade. To allow our capitalistic society to grow and thrive. To give every citizen the opportunity to succeed in their personal goals in life. Do we, as citizens, receive this? No. You force pursuits into areas that belong to the private sector where you feel the government can create and manage these pursuits more effectively.. You use our money without our permission in areas you don’t, and shouldn’t, control. Instead of allowing opportunity, you feel that the “playing field” must be leveled as to eliminate winners and losers. There is no guarantee for prosperity and life is what the individual makes of it. But, somehow, you believe meddling is your right and your job. This meddling creates addiction of those you believe you are helping, which likens you to drug dealers. That is what socialism is–an addictive society where no one gets ahead and everyone loses. That is not how the United States operates (or is suppose to operate) yet you do this without our permission while wasting our money. Everyone deserves the right to win or lose by their talents, gambles and capabilities. It is what drives human nature to continue; aspirations. Heaven knows that your track record of winners and losers is abysmal at best and that you carry the longest odds, by any book betting house, of achieving your goals successfully. In other words, you are and continue to, fail the the citizens.

What the people aren’t seeing is morals and ethics. The government is not, nor was it ever intended to be the people’s charity. You have a job. When you were hired, it wasn’t to a position of stature. In actuality, you descended to a position of servitude, which puts you below us, your boss, as a rung on the ladder. We are in a state of malaise, where every action or inaction about this Congress causes dismay and harm. Your petty grandstanding gives no vision farther ahead than today, and our outlook for the future is bleak because of scare tactics and lip service from you. We are a flock without a Shepard, left to roam unfamiliar territory and in fear of harm. You create an entitlement society without the means to pay for it, or the want of the people to have it, and make us slaves. You coddle a few at the expense of most, for no discernable benefit. This enslaves us all the more. Don’t subsidize anything. Let the market work as it will. Stop trying to “help” us so much. You are out of your element. Don’t worry about our medical as it puts more costs upon us while driving personnel out of the field. Don’t buy friendship from other countries when our strength, freedom and resolve will be an aspiring model to those who wish to follow. Morality and ethics take care of most social issues. God’s laws and the family as core of a society gives our country its greatness. Stop picking on classes and social sects of society. Creating a boogeyman to serve your purpose or ideologies is wrong and disingenuous. The only boogeyman that we are aware of is the U.S. Government. Stop playing party politics and DO YOUR JOBS. Passing budgets, getting vetoes and having to redo is all part of the process. Having these come to the floor is necessary so that we, the people, can see who and how we are being served. Worry about drug resistant diseases when you consider immigration and visitor visas. Take the money from inane research and put it towards curable research. Make real decisions and commitments, not pomp and circumstance.

I could go on but I liken this to speaking to my child, who is not mature enough to fathom its understanding. No, this is not being disrespectful, not when it is my truth, my belief and what your body shows to me. You pretend that your work is 24/7, 365 and that is what you are being paid for. You also pretend to sacrifice your “own” time to take care of critical issues. We aren’t fooled nor is there a need to give you paid vacations. The need is to shorten your time is session, commit and complete your workload, and then go home, without pay, till the next session. That’s when you can grease palms, campaign, and do the speech circuit. To say that Congress is out of hand is rhetorical. We, the people, are just a bit fed up and angered by this city in the clouds mentality. I know I am. I think some changes about who may vote in an election (as in disallowing those on certain government doles, being banned for a determined amount of time, since this is one of the pandering techniques used to skew favor) as well length of sessions, congressional pay and benefits, and term limits are on the horizon. It is being brought about by the “business as usual” mentality of government which has become thread bare and out of vogue. It was brought about by others previously and you only continue to exacerbate the problem, enslaving us still further to your personal whims. It needs to stop…!

Memo to Congress members: your furlough is imminent.

Your employer,