Did I get your attention? Possibly because you gravitate towards anything denoting a sense of fear. That would be the political tactic of these times and this administration on a continual, daily basis. But the story of the boy who cried Wolf keeps coming to mind and the people are becoming more and more desensitized to “the sky is falling”. So why does it continue? Well, as many of you already know, it is also used as a tactic to divert your attention. Have you heard anything recently about teacher accountability through competency? I have only heard stories about what acts teachers are perpetrating on students and continual stories of low test scores. Is Fast & Furious resolved? I don’t remember people being fired, going to jail, culpability being laid at the feet of Holder or Obama. Is Bengazi resolved? I don’t remember people being fired, going to jail, culpability being laid ANYWHERE ( oh, right. Clinton graciously took the blame on her way out the door). Have we found those terrorist involved and brought them to justice? Have the staff (you know, those eyewitnesses at the scene) been interviewed YET? Did Vince Foster REALLY commit suicide? Is anyone continuing to press for answers?

I look at the news and BP is still being sought for lawsuits–more money. Not sure how the European economy is doing in relation to the global economic crisis and our monetary health. North Korea is still in the process of sabre rattling and Kerry and Dennis Rodman will curtail our fears (hoping that Kerry goes to the correct Korea). Iran is still in the process of uranium enrichment which is a daily concern for…….Israel, anyway. Indian (the dothead kind) women are being harassed daily on the street and then U.S. Senate is pushing a renewal of the Violence Against Women Act (nothing better to do in Congress, I guess). The bill is a PDF and you can look it up. It saves money by giving grants and support everywhere, help immigrants, native Americans (whoever they are), the Commonwealth of the Mariana Islands, and makes “verbal abuse” a domestic violence issue where, if convicted, you lose the right of gun ownership. This thing is filled with pork and coddling to the trans/gay/lesbian individuals and not worth the time of day. But while Congress works on that scary sequester deal, they add more pork and less freedom to the citizen. Although violence against women (or ANYBODY) is an important issue, there is no crisis here and the strengthening of this act from its original bill (Bill Clinton’s bill–the all women lover) is but a sham….and it spends, spends, SPENDS. But it will be snuck through with bi-partisan support (it’s only 188 pages long and should have been an easy read) while we are to remain focused on a scary crisis. Smoke and mirrors is how our government works.

So, really, there is no news. Everything is hunky-dory. Move along and go about your business. We’ll let you know when to worry about the next crisis.