I could have told you that. The whacko behaviours are prevalent in many posters here but, then again, I pointed this obvious factor out long before came to light. Mine is even mentioned and shows that it can be attributable to my environment, as in this blog. I have no problem letting my “gift” run freely without curtailing it through medication as it has been beneficial through the flooding of hundreds of simultaneous thoughts. Going to sleep can be a bitch at times since my brain has no “off” switch but that is something I have gotten use to. It is easily controlled through a singular focus but, for me, can only be inhibited by singular focus. I cannot multi-task with success so I’ll just leave that to Mama and other women. Mine is not a disease. It is also as harmless as giving children sugar at 7pm (and we all know what that is about).

The other disorders are of more detriment and carry some dangers. Isolating the prevalent gene causing the infliction can well diagnose a cure. This is a very good thing (which means that homosexuality can be cured also, since, I’m constantly reminded, that it is within one’s genetic make-up. Yeah, right.) and can help millions of people regain a presence to lead a more normal or completely normal life. I am all for it. I can think of an individual here that desperately needs the fix. If we could isolate the gene that causes liberalism, all would be right with the world. Crap. Forgot that liberalism is an “emotion” and, therefore, incurable. Well, we’ll continue to work on that one.