I just heard on the news that 750 firemen may lose their jobs in California, and nursing home patients may not get meals. Aren’t nursing homes under Medicaid? Isn’t firefighting and police part of county/city/state taxes and the obligation of those jurisdictions? Are we subsidising areas of state obligation that we shouldn’t? will government subsidies of farmers mean a shortage of food or just higher prices at the grocers where EACH individual decides to purchase or not? Other than by direct contract with the feds, I don’t understand how employment in states are directly affected by sequester. I’m sure it is very complicated for the layman, like myself, to understand. What is so complicated about why states can’t take care of their own budgets without having the government (that is, every citizen in every state) having a monetary hand in most all aspects? Did I miss something in the Constitution about this? Whatever happened to state sovereignty, self governing and the like? Why the need for governors? I don’t get it?