I know, that is the other famous hack, Barbara Boxer, but really no difference at all. Both of them, as well most other members of Congress, feel their title, and years in it, carries some level of esteem. Contrary to their belief, this is not the case. It has become a status of self-indulgence and who can be fore-front the longest. Nothing can be learned since it is already known, especially when it comes from someone junior in status and more intelligent. If you haven’t read it or seen it, you can do so here.

Here’s what I got out of this dialogue. Politician Feinstein’s 5th grade was three of the best years of her life, she’s not a lawyer, she likes putting her fingers into bullet holes of people’s bodies (must be a California thing) and that she has learned, embraced and believes in the U.S. Constitution. Yet when is giving like scenarios of other amendments, she feels those are violations that should not happen. Only with the 2nd Amendment are violations allowed to happen because the 2nd Amendment doesn’t count when you are on a personal, ideological crusade. This also means that she will lie through her teeth when those pesky other amendments get into her way on her next crusade. Remember, as a member of the Intelligence Committee, she knuckled-under the pressure of the Executive Branch when she finger-pointed leaks coming from the White House, and then nothing. Seems she is on the wrong committee (intelligence) since this is a far reaching concept for her. Her oathe to “uphold the Constitution” was nothing more than part of the procedure to obtain and hold office; like saying gesundheit after someone sneezes–reflex habit. Most politicians seem to have this same malady when it comes to the Constitution and its enforcement.

Feinstein’s “assault weapons” bill (partisan), as well Schumer’s (one republican in support) have passed out of committee and are headed to the Senate floor. No matter how “well meaning” these people think these bills are, the “feel good” bills will only continue to erode our freedoms (as well being un-constitutional as Feinstein grudgingly admitted) as a people with the power. If we can only wait till election to rectify these mis-placed acts, we will always be backing up. We need some “no confidence” votes on the state level to start weeding out the trash. I can think of quite a few here in Virginia that need to go since they are not representing the people but rather a party agenda. Still, nothing will be done in this regard because, while there may be anger and bitterness amongst the citizens, apathy has always ruled the day. For most people, your hands should be very warm because of all the time spent sitting on them.