Glad to see the 1st Amendment still works in this country for all people and groups. I ran across this article and found it interesting but for different reasons then you would suspect. It appears that Memphis wants to change the name of three public parks in a show of “moving forward”. Unfortunately it is trying to do so while a bill runs through the Tennessee legislature STOPPING this type of political correctness knee-jerk action of others. Me, personally; I get very tired of trying to erase history because of what some people feel is offensive. History teaches us mind-sets and lessons and to erase it is to wipe it from our knowledge so that we have the opportunity to live it again at a later date. I would no more allow the changing of a Confederate park name then I would Kennedy airport or any Vietnam era named place. We all have things that go against our grains and beliefs but, by the same token, we believe strongly in some things that others have no regard for. I’m sure the doves and hippies would love to eliminate anything smacking of “war”. Probably why there is a Dept. of Peace in our fed government but I digress.

I guess the Klan got involved on this one because of Nathan Bedford Forrest park, being the name of one of the original formers of the Klan. Now I won’t tell you the Klan’s original intent of terrorizing and intimidating the godless Republicans. Or that he quit (divested himself) when the thug element took over for their on conceived purposes. That would be trying to change your vague knowledge of history, which would be an impossible task for me. No, the Klan quickly morphed into a hate Negroes, hate Jews group, bent on destruction and murder for hates’ sake. White supremists, whatever that means. Anyway, the Klan will rally in protest, not knowing what numbers will be on hand until the rally occurs (brings to mind the statement “we won’t know what’s in it till we pass it”) and it is MANDATORY for members to attend (sounds like the Klan went Union. Hmmmm. Did I just hit on something?) The imperial wizard (not to be confused with Dumbledore) makes this statement for his call to action: “Every time we turn around, they are trying to take the white people out of the history books”. I never knew that, did you? I can just see some of these guys’ job application resumes: Organizations: Rotary Club and the KuKluxKlan. Highest level of education: IQ= 47 eleventy. Matter of fact, to sum up this bigoted, neanderthal hate group, I would refer you to a comedic skit done by Dave Chappell, which is the funniest skits I have ever heard. Although the language is VERY controversial, its intent and comedic aspect gives it the “flavor” for Klan and racism. You can watch it here.

The only thing left now is the rally itself, the brawl that will ensue, and how many bloody sheets will be laying in the streets of Memphis. My popcorn is ready.