Trying to sate the half dozen people that frequent this site is a daunting task. My purpose is to edify people in all things of importance. This is one of those things, dealing with culinary “spicing”. I read this article and need to make you aware of the breakthrough in HOT. I didn’t know that there was a race on to breed extreme. I have been stupid in my younger years and my internal combustion engine no longer handles low grade fuel (which is what I deem the “hot” need) but everyone has their own levels of desire (or stupidity) and that is fine. I would like to believe that my tastes have become refined over the years and when Mama cooks, as she does ever so well, I want to taste the deliciousness of the meal–not the sensation from the “spicing”.

Last year, when Mama and the kids were with me in Key West, she decided to hunt up a store. THIS STORE! I sent you to the weapons grade page for a reason. Look at the Scovilles of these bad boys. Now they allowed you to sample some types. Tasting does not belong with hot as hot is a sensation and overrides any taste that my tastebuds seek out. The mild was too much for me at this store and made me seek out the nearest rum punch maker. Mama and the kids, on the other hand, had a delightful time tasting, choking, sweating, gasping for breathe and trying to speak. The visions of the experience are hilarious. What isn’t funny is that Mama bought some of these deadly concoctions for “cooking purposes”. My dred was sky high and I have been following her around the kitchen during food preparation ever since. Homey don’t like surprises, especially when looking for taste and receiving sensation in its stead. But to each their own and stupid is as stupid does. This store does mail order for those interested and I feel they will soon have the new Guiness Record holder on hand in short time.

Now I have been told that chewing a hot pepper while having a heart attack can save your life. A dram of this new breed of nectar, placed in a vial around your neck and at the ready may be a life safer……or possibly a life ender, likened to swallowing a bottle of liquid Drano. There are times I’ll take necessary risks but watching my eyes bleed before departing this earth won’t be one of them. :smile: