Here’s what is happening. The progressive Democrats (not sure if that would be an oxymoron, double negative or just redundant) are vying for the 86th and 87th districts next election. They feel since these districts carried Obama and Kaine, that the stupidity should continue with their candidates. Look at all these new organizations/initiatives being thrown at voters. They always seem to use catchy names or acronyms. I think the Purple to Blue is most telling but should be renamed “Purple bruise turns Black and Blue. More appropriate, don’t you think?

Then you have the 15 year old, learners permit, Ashburn teen who mowed down 3 innocent children while they played in their driveway. Or was this just an accident from a nervous learner? Why didn’t the licensed parent intervene? Being as driving is but a PRIVILEGE, why aren’t specially vehicles and certified instructors mandatory for this process, like what anti-gunners want to do with RIGHTS?

Speaking of gun rights, the LCBOS not only snubbed their noses at the Council of Governments but got Frederick Co. and Fairfax City to follow suit. Who said the BOS didn’t have balls? Well, I mean, some of them are female, of course. But, you know what I’m talking about.

Speaking of licenses, Gov. McDonnell signed into law a bill where a photo ID is now required to vote. The howling from those sniveling progressives is deafening. ” Some people don’t have photo ID’s”. Okay, a photo ID is available from the state to anyone free of charge. “This just suppresses voters from going to the polls”. You whiney assholes. If you were willing to collect their dead asses and take them to the polls, you should be still willing to take them to get their FREE photo ID’s. Just more diversionary howlings in my mind.