Well, the LCPS is trying (a word without much meaning here at NVTH) to work a budget that doesn’t further soak taxpayers. Classrooms and teachers are the focus here. In a companion piece, it is trying to explain away where LCPS budget is smaller than neighboring counties (without using an apples-to-apples comparison). Look, this BOS, school board and public schools were tasked in REDUCTIONS as a way of life. I wouldn’t care if you did online training because THAT would save a boatload of money. Some kids just don’t care about their education and others will succeed at all costs. Let schooling at home be on their heads–not ours.

Seems the Sheriff and the BOS aren’t playing well in the sandbox. We have seen these tactics before by esteemed members of Loudoun gov’t (got to love the editorial soapbox stage to reach the masses). When you pork a budget, it is easy to stay within it. When you don’t, the underfunding will rear its ugly head with realism. And, of course, sup. Boner has his 2 cents about it. Can’t we all just get along.

Speaking of sup. Boner, seems the frigging flip-flopper had a senior moment. When you read this article he says “we” tried (that is such a cop-out word) yet he voted “no” on the budget, made a 4-4 split, and then magnanimously changed his vote to abstain, which made the vote pass. How’s that for trying. This loser should have never been elected in the first place and continues to stain the party further. I hope the LCRC won’t be so quick to allow just any old boner to run in these elections again.

It appears that a new born was found in a Countryside pond. You can draw your own conclusions about this but I can only think of one logical scenario that makes sense. The amniotic sac broke and the baby was born. Feeling a sense of suffocation from being outside the womb, it scurried away from the mother towards a water source which, turned out to be this pond and then drowned due to lack of oxygen and nutrients within the water. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? We are now relegated to throwing babies in dumpsters and ponds like common trash? And don’t dare tell me there are no organizations, means or facilities where this type of rash (insane) action was unnecessary. When people believe these actions are okay, I look to the environment which we allow ourselves to live in. Still waiting for the right time to bring morality back?