A surprise press conference was held today (I believe things are getting sticky and some answers needed forthcoming….which was a failure) to address Bengazi, Boston bombing and Gitmo. The WaPo has the transcript here. It is pretty much a fumbling attempt NOT to commit to anything without more evidence, further studies, asking someone else to carry the ball, blah, blah, blah. He doesn’t know anything about people in State and CIA wanting to come forward but are being blocked from doing so. Really? None of his circle addresses the issues as they come up in news or scuttlebutt? He must get all his current affairs from NBC. Syrian use of chemical weapons was a red line. Now he needs further evidence and wants the UN to investigate. Has anyone talked to Putin for help yet? Has anyone denounced Putin for backing this regime while it slaughters its own citizens with, seemingly, any and all weapons at its disposal? And Obama wants to “organize” the international community. Organize. Why in hell is Obama still in office?