Answer to your first stupid question–it doesn’t say the methods used nor does it matter. What matters is since 2006 (when the Dems had all of Congress) where the economy started its new life–spiraling downward–suicides have been up. Remember when I have mentioned on numerous occasions that “white collar crime” can cause fatalities? When you have crooks managing or stealing your wealth, it impacts people differently. When you lose what you have worked your whole life for and you have no time left to start over, stress and depression make bad bedfellows. Many people just can’t handle it. This is not a joke and those that perpetrate these type crimes (inclusive of cyber attacks) should have severe penalties that match life in prison or even death penalties. Putting yourself in harm’s way is one thing, someone else putting you there is a different story. Sure glad I have that big old government safety net to cover my ass.