The Illinois House (Democrats) want to pass measures that will take away increases in cost of living and make pensioners put in 2%–read 2 percent–towards their pensions. It appears that the unions will fight this as being un-constitutional. The gov. (also Democrat) also supports it but it doesn’t appear it can pass the Senate. Illinois, which has the worst financial rating of any state, wants to get out from under billions in red ink but the unions are there to block that idea. After all, it was the unions that got them where they are today and they are very happy with the status quo. Until bankruptcy sets in. Then they go to court to get their “due”. Something there about not getting blood out of rock at that point but you would have to have rational understanding for this realization to set in. The state will end up having a bankruptcy sale but who would want it. Read it here.

So what have we learned here? Evidently, nothing much. Unions were having a big fight in California to determine who would represent 45,000 members (and get dues worth $40 million annually) of the 300 Kaiser-Permanente hospitals and clinics. That is $889 paid per member in dues which means higher costs in healthcare for YOU! See, it’s all about dues money for the unions. Who cares what happens to budgets, businesses and economies. California will be following Illinois with that fire sale. Read the joke here.

Some states are beginning to see the light. Many states aren’t. I hope Va. never gets caught up in this boondoggle.