Article on Gov Christie having gastric band surgery to help him lose weight. If he is doing this for his health, good for him. If he is doing this for political image and advancement, bad for us and let me tell you why. Gastric banding is a medical surgery. There are a couple more that are radical and it is serious business. I have known a couple people doing this and the more radical procedures, and it can be dangerous (life threatening). There are better ways.

There are Weight Watchers, which you do for yourself and takes dedication and devotion. Stick to it and you will lose weight. Then you have the lazier version which is Nutri-System. It makes the meals for you (you pay for them, of course) and if you only eat these meals, as directed, you will lose weight. Both of them work. Exercise intensifies the lose of weight. But they both take dedication and devotion. If you are so lazy and willing to take drastic measures with your life when will power is all you need, how do you think you will affect other peoples lives; when instead of doing something simple, you go for the drastic? I wouldn’t want a lazy bonehead ruling over me. Would you? Maybe just banning Dunkin Donuts as a breakfast restaurant would suffice.