Do I feel the least bit sorry for the clowns (pick your poison here)? Not one stinking bit. Where was Justice when we had those classified leaks about the cyber worm in Iranian computers? The leak about Seal Team 6 on the bin Laden operation? And so many others. Where has the AP been on speaking out about the “injustices” of this administration? Fast and Furious? Benghazi? Where have any news source been on critical issues? Absent. So now the rats are starting to feed on their own kind while still alive. The implosions are just beginning and I got a new West Bend popcorn maker that I have been using daily for ballgames. Looks like I will be making extra batches from here on out. Carney won’t respond cause it is an ongoing criminal investigation. I’m still waiting for Carney’s head to explode, live on TV, while giving one of his Pinocchio tales. His washer only has “spin cycle” on its dial.