It appears that 2 people won Mega-Millions on Friday. Some lone individual in Florida will be taking showers with over 500 million dollars (before taxes I believe) and I, with many others, won our own lottery. The biggest and most contested race at the convention was the Lt. Governor’s race. Everyone one had their opinion and favorite candidate, as I had mine. One thing for sure, Jeannemarie Davis was knocked out on the first vote, as was delegates intentions. Republicans are getting back to principles again (sort of) and purging those with questionable conservative credentials. JD is bad on gun rights (Yes, I said rights) and was dealt with accordingly. How it should be.

A field of seven took 4 votes to determine a winner by the rules. 2 at a vote were knocked off until a clear winner ensued. Funny thing is, all 4 votes proved one winner by a 2 to 1 margin or better, yet 50% + 1 was necessary. Go figure. Voting started at 1pm yet a winner wasn’t announced until 10:30 pm. There was some “glitches” of which I don’t want to speculate on, which caused a great time lapse between votes. With idle time comes boredom and the paper airplane air force engineers plied their trade. One guy really knew his craft. It so offended the convention staff that an announcement was made to cease, because of the chance of an airplane destroying one of the gazillion dollar trin-a-tron TV screens. What this did do is help speed the vote process, which I was thankful for. I believe Va. blue laws don’t allow voting on Sunday (I just made that up).

Bottom line is, a non-establishment outsider won. His name is E. W. Jackson. It disturbed those who wanted a party “insider” to hold the slot but this time the system worked. With some poutiness and bruised egos from other candidates, a real champion for the people, who hasn’t been tainted by the system, will go up against the D and I candidate. The D candidate will be whatever sucker they can find that is willing to be humiliated in the public forum and the I candidate will be someone from a town of population 2000 who hopes he/she can get votes from family members and have something to tell the grandbabies.

Although long, it was a good time seeing good friends and some unexpected old acquaintances. Many there applied their right of gun carry and no one was in fear of anything. Well, almost anyway. It seems that Eric Cantor was there to provide words to members attending Friday night’s dinner (supper for Southerners) and he was caught in the convention area RACING, with his contingent of armed protection plus one State Trooper, down the hall, probably looking for the safety of his armored Featherlite (in this case feather HEAVIER) where he could re-compose himself. This squish has a fear that people are out to do him harm. Thorozine might be of some use here. Maybe a day of reflection and looking in the mirror might help resolve his issues. With this type fear, guilt is usually a driving force. His day of political theatre is coming to an end. Other than that, I return unscathed back to you, albeit someone tired and a bit achy. I am really psyched over the outcome of this convention. The future of Va. is in very strong and capable hands if we win the day at election. I know many of you will be doing your part for our future. I will be.