A lot of stir has been created ever since Mr. Jackson hit the campaign trail. The GOP is worried about the ticket and the lefties are doing what they can to discredit him. Why is everyone so afraid of EW? The GOP thinks he might be getting “off message”. I’m not sure what message that would be since each candidate has a message that they are pursuing for their individual position. EW is sending a message not unlike that done by the left. He tells it like it is and is trying to reach minorities by giving the understanding that Dems are not their friends and are the cause of major issues. Seems logical to me. Build the party by enlightening those on the other side and cause defections. Is it that he doesn’t believe in the hyphenated-American scenario, just like I don’t? His view on the sanctity of life? So far, so good. How about his beliefs of self responsibility and moral values? No complaints there. Maybe it is the GOP looking to the “ticket” instead of the individual. I’m not into party tickets. I vote the individual and this man stands for what I believe. He doesn’t back off his message and beliefs (as of yet) and realizes that “PC” needs to reside with computer terminology alone. Bringing values and morals back into politics is a good thing in my eyes and is past due. The man is for the Constitution (he was a practicing Harvard grad–not a community organizer) and for freedom. He will (should) make or lose his candidacy on this position alone. For the GOP to have qualms about his message or position just tells me that it is about the organization and not the people. Maybe a new party is ready on the horizon. Good or bad, I’m ready for the fight and I know EW is up to the task. Let’s just see what happens to that old apple cart.