It appears that many countries are suffering due to restrictions and regulations by their respective governments. Fossil fuels are the culprit and this scourge needs to be eradicated from the face of the earth. If you really feel that way, don’t use them. What’s that? Your power a d industrial infrastructure suffers from the non-use? How can this be in a day and age where we are all saved by solar and wind? I tend to think this is their problem. They want to grow and compete yet they refuse to use all tools available to make that happen. They are already getting away from the clean energy of nuclear fuel yet they want that electricity. What will fire those furnaces to make that electricity? Coal=out. Oil=out. Nuclear=out. Natural gas is getting costly (imports). How about wood. No carbons there (lol). What do you mean you don’t have enough trees to sustain your needs? Funny how that works.

Countries have been clear cutting forests for some time now. It reduces oxygen output and also carbon dioxide depletions (imagine that) while allowing reflective and absorbed heat to raise temperatures, yet many countries want to import wood pellets (just like they do with timber) for fuel. The US industry is willing to oblige but this causes another problem. We are producing fast growing trees (inferior lumber) to meet our and other countries’ needs. Although good for business it is bad ecologically. As the pace of depletion increases, the environment cannot replenish and sustain itself. In the meantime, coal sits in the ground waiting to become diamonds (great) along with oil and uranium. To what purpose? They are resources to be used and create balance with other resources. If you don’t believe me just ask China how it is making out. The world would be better off delving into extracting the most energy from our resources while doing it efficiently and cleanly. I don’t know about you but I won’t allow my trees to be clear cut. It provides too much of what is necessary for my quality of life. But you can have my oil….for a price.

Speaking of which, OPEC is in a pickle because of North America’s venture into oil shale. Countries are worried that their economies will collapse if the price per barrel is driven much lower. My solution would be: a) use your oil to build your industry to compete b) stop giving freebies c) don’t have your economy based on one thing (oil).