I have been busy and unable to keep pace with the blog (something to do with quality time that Mrs. ACT is constantly demanding) and since much of what I like to post is not commented on, I must pick and choose my finger fatigue in time allotments. This post has value and commands consideration.

People comment on my yard/house ventures. Much is mimicked throughout the neighborhood and beyond and has been since I’ve lived here. I have a standard and reputation I am held to and there is no rest for the weary. Painting, washing, planting and weed pulling are the norm for maintenance and although drugs are made for just such occasions (anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxers, deep heat creams, spirits), hard work, devotion, and partnership carry a very healing power of their own. Those treadmills are great for youngsters but a brisk walk with your spouse will suffice handily (while conversation added enhances lung function and bonding). While hard work can kill you when only done infrequently, as a regular routine, only your old bones feel the pain and that goes away with repetition of action during a normal routine. I have my cuts and battle scars from the roses and rocks; my sneezing fits from mold spores; my aching knees and feet from stationary stress (pulling weeds still sucks but is a necessary evil) yet the delight we get from a clean product is rewarding. Loving birds, the pets come out to talk with their wild friends, the fat babies constantly fluttering their wings and crying for another morsel of food from their parents, gives us great delight. The time passes quickly, fresh stock from the garden gleaned for the nights supper, and some quiet rest before lights out. I feel worn and energized the next day, needing very little push to get started once again.

We aren’t as young as we used to be. Our bodies wear out and give us aches that weren’t there before. Good nutrition, supplements, companionship and hard work is what keeps us going and healthy (as is possible). When I’m not here, I am doing a project necessary for my well being (or, of course, giving Mama her quality time as is demanded). Between blog and venture, venture is more rewarding but blog is important. Just remember my finger fatigue as you peruse here and how this old boy divides his time. Now if this rain would stop, I need to spend a day on the roof.