Supervisor Volpe requested me to do some doorbell ringing on behalf of Ken so that is what I did last weekend. I can talk to anyone at anytime and those that know me know I can just talk…….sometimes just endlessly. Dan’s favorite statement to me was “can I talk now?” Hey, it’s a gift or a curse, depending. So I grabbed my assignment and set out to the unsuspecting. It is always a worthy thing to help others and what I and others did was exactly that–help others. I believe in Ken and I believe in a better, non-liberal Virginia.

What was interesting about the people I met were a couple of things. First, of those mot liberal, about half said they were moderate and half said conservative. Another thing I noticed was most were undecided on who they wanted for governor. By changing my question around I found that most didn’t know who McAuliffe was and that he is running against Ken. It tells me things like McAuliffe isn’t well known (most all his money comes from outside Va); people aren’t very interested yet, or there is a malaise, or they don’t stay on top of politics as most of the people who comment here; it’s summertime and there are other things happening.

I have explained to people the importance of their vote, researching the candidates, and making the best choice OVER ALL but not by single issue. I even had a guy tell me in no uncertain terms, how he felt. He did give me the respect by not “throwing me off his frigging (NOT the word he used) porch” and I thanked him for his feelings and opinion. There are people that need educating but most of all the people need involvement. I only see a dismal turnout for election this year, which is why it is necessary for all of you to talk to others about where we are in Va and where we need to be. The nation will be watching this election closely and it will be something that drives the 2014 election and beyond. Commit yourself to do something now so that we don’t all regret it later.