I received the news of the Zimmerman verdict on Saturday night via text while out of town last weekend. Many thoughts crossed my mind simultaneously about this entire affair; all of them sad.

- Irrespective of the outcome of the trial, a young man unnecessarily lost his life.
- The race hustlers will no doubt use this as another opportunity to feed the victim narrative.
- Race relations (between blacks and non-blacks) are worse now than in November 2008.

Needless to say blacks have had a tough time here in the United States and have many legitimate historic grievances. These horrible experiences have caused them to develop a “protest” culture that non-blacks just do not understand – and in many cases quite frankly do not care to understand. This culture of “protest” only got intensified after the assassination of Martin Luther King in 1968 – by a white man no less – and culminated in riots that left many inner city neighborhoods decimated for decades.

After MLK’s assassination, the Black Panthers, Nation of Islam, and other black radical groups enjoyed unprecedented growth into the 1970s as the “black pride” movement grew into mainstream black culture. Black music shifted from the 1960s Motown “charm” to the more angry “black and proud” 1970s sound. It then evolved into rap and hip hop. The words “Negro” and “colored” went out of vogue and they began calling themselves “black”. I could go on and on about the shifts in the black American subculture that occurred post 1968, but I hope that you all get the point here. However, the point I want to emphasize here is that the lingering characteristic of this “protest” culture is anti-white conspiracy theories. Because of programs like COINTELPRO, and the assassinations of MLK and Medgar Evers, black Americans generally believe that there is an organized anti-white conspiracy against them – even today.

It is for this reason that many blacks do not trust the police or “the system” the way whites generally do. It is also for this reason that during the 1980s and early to mid-1990s one could hear rap songs mention that “they” bring drugs into “our communities”. (Give you one guess on who “they” is). Then of course the video of the Rodney King beating certainly did not help the image of the police amongst blacks. But nonetheless, race hustlers keep dredging up the 1950s and Jim Crow so as to keep the masses thoroughly immersed in the angry, “protest” mentality. It is this “protest” culture that gets them animated for occasions like Tawana Brawley, the “Jena Six” and this Trayvon Martin case. It is also for this reason that they close ranks behind disgraced figures such as Marion Barry, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

For decades, whites witnessed all of this from afar and hoped that black Americans could one day get their collective acts together the way other groups, such as Chinese, Nigerians, Indians and Iranians have been able to do. Non-black Americans generally do not live their lives from angry event to angry event – or at least not until recent years. Some whites even gave credence to many of the conspiracy theories and enabled the pathologies found in black communities by dismissing them out of hand and attributing all the problems to “racism”. Strange that very few of these white liberals would ever actually live in an overwhelmingly black neighborhood, but I digress.

Whatever the case, I contend that PART of the reason many whites supported Obama in 2008 over Hillary was because they were hoping that he and his family would serve as a role model for other blacks and they would imitate him instead of the “gangsta rappers”. Even whites who did not vote for Obama privately held such views. Many of my friends who did not vote for Obama even admitted it.

However, it didn’t quite work out that way (and some of the “gangsta rappers” even got invitations to the White House). Any and all criticism of and/or disagreements with Obama were regarded as “racism” (White liberals often being the loudest in hurling the charges). It worked very well for a time because in many segments of 21st Century America, “racism” is now the worst of all crimes. The more whites feared being labeled “racist”, the more white liberals would throw the label around. (I also personally believe that many Republican Presidential candidates feared running in 2012 for this very reason)

Then a funny thing happened. Some whites got tired of walking on eggshells and being called “racist” all the time even for the slightest “infraction”. Not only that but some began to push back against the race hustle with stats that implicitly tell blacks to “get your own communities in order instead of blaming us”… “You have taken control of cities like Detroit and turned them into blighted disaster areas!”…”The United States elected a black man as President of the United States and you all are still complaining?”

Even after the media tried to destroy Paula Deen for committing the most unforgivable sin (over 25 years ago after being robbed), her book became a best seller. But race hucksters would have you think that Paula Deen’s use of the “n-word” 25 years ago is the problem with black communities across the union and not the high crime rates, lack of economic development and poor performing students.

Even a guy like Bill O’Reilly is now openly breaking the taboo by mentioning that the problem of crime in Chicago is overwhelmingly in the black areas of town. In the same light, Wolverine mentioned in previous comments “Justice for Daryl” – a 17 year old Chicago boy named Daryl Green (no relation to the ‘Skins DB) that was apparently executed for not joining a street gang. There are thousands of young black men like Daryl that are killed each year, but their stories do not see the light of day because they are murdered by other blacks. “Justice for Daryl” is just another way of pointing out that blacks have major problems in their own communities that everyone is ignoring.

So what does all this have to do with the Zimmerman verdict? Everything!

For Blacks (and their white liberal enablers), this case is yet another example of the ongoing anti-black conspiracy (and for white liberals yet another opportunity to demonstrate their moral superiority over other whites, “yeah, white people suck!!”) and demonstrates that “the system” is inherently “designed to hold them back”.

For many whites (particularly “conservatives”) it is an “enough is enough” moment because this was not about race at all. We feel the need to refute the premise being set by liberals which is: whites are running around killing black boys all over the country. When a black boy is killed in Memphis, Gary, IN or East St Louis, they want you to think that rednecks are making their way into black communities and shooting black boys at will. The charges of “racism” are getting more and more spurious and they are getting bolder with each charge and the feeling is that it is time to lay down the gauntlet and strongly object to this.

The facts and stats tell a different story: crime in black neighborhoods is the real problem that no one wants to discuss. Thousands of black boys killed by other blacks every year across the country, yet their collective deaths do not equal the outrage of one boy who was tragically (yes, tragically) killed in Florida last year. In other words, had Zimmerman been “black” (I read that he’s actually “blacker” than Homer Plessy) then this case would not have seen the light of the media’s day.

There are possibly more guns in Loudoun County than on the West side of Chicago or Southeast DC, yet we don’t see weekly drive by shootings in Ashburn. Yet we can’t even discuss why that is? There were over 500 murders in Chicago alone last year (75% by blacks; 23% by Hispanics). Have there been 500 murders in Loudoun in the last 100 years?! No, but we must pretend that Southeast DC is just as safe as Ashburn, VA. Meanwhile, people continue to vote with their feet.

I suspect that the next step will be for non-blacks to collectively say “screw it” and turn their backs on black America and let them pretty much do as they please, as long as they do not move into non-black areas in large numbers. (places like South Riding and Aldie are growing fast) That way, we are protected from charges of “racism” and they can run their communities as they please without our interference. Wait! That is already happening. Never mind.