Haven’t been to the board meeting. Wasn’t on the special grand jury. Don’t put any stock in WaPo or the Times Mirror (read projectionists) but I do know the story of the aides. The only thing Delgaudio was guilty of was hiring the questionable individuals but that’s what happens when you try to help others out….they end up screwing you. We all have stories of helping others where the hand was bitten that fed. I have even been on the receiving end once. This is what turns people off by trying to help out, but let’s continue.

Jury duty is a civic service. Have you ever noticed that it is actually like the draft? If it was all volunteer, why do you receive a notice that you have been selected to appear….. Now you do have those people that have nothing better to do than serve on jury duty. I have been with those clowns and know of some on grand juries. You would call them “busy-bodies” and “meddlers” in your community and they volunteer for these positions. They also come from the county.

Now the stage is set. Delgaudio haters have been trying to hang Delgaudio for something ever since he has been on the board. Can you think of ANY board members in the last 4 terms you think should be scrutinized? See what I mean. So those haters conspire and conjure and push until someone(s) decides to listen and the small gears turn. Nothing happens cause there’s nothing there. Injustice, friendship, conspiracy is shouted from the roof tops so that something more must be done. This time it’s a grand jury. No, this isn’t the Zimmerman case. And after the grand jury? Nothing……….because of a technicality. What? WHAT? W-H-A-T? Here is the grand jury report. If you think that only a technicality is what stopped the AG or ANYONE else from pursuing charges against Delgaudio, not only cannot you read and comprehend, you are also dumber than a rock. Speculation, circumstantial, innuendo are the words used for this report. No smoking gun. No hard proof. Matter o fact, no proof at all. I see some perjury here and not just about donors.

So are we satisfied yet? Nope. Same shit being yelled from the rooftops, and guess who comes to the rescue? Those fellow board members who most are also Delgaudio haters. What they had the audacity to do was to castrate OUR Sterling supervisor. Read that story here. But fear not because York and the other board members will be looking out for those Sterling residents, just like they always have. I’m miffed by Volpe’s vote and may have to re-assess what type conservative she really is. I’m a Sterling resident, a Delgaudio fan and a believer in justice. Needless to say, I am pissed over this abomination of so called justice.