Over the past few years, particularly since the election of Obama in 2008, I have noticed a growing phenomenon that some have begun to interchangeably refer to as “intra-white status whoring” and “intra-white moral posturing”. In other words, it has become quite fashionable for one group of whites to accuse another group of whites of being “racist”. It has gotten to the point where whites fight over who the “good whites” and “bad whites” are. The “good whites” are usually those who are of like political persuasion, while the “bad whites” are the political opponents.  Whites probably accuse other whites of racism more often these days than blacks ever do.

Note that I did not mention “white guilt” in any of this. This has almost nothing to do with “guilt”, over even blacks at all. It is all about appearing to be morally superior to those whites. In fact, the person accusing you of racism is arguing that YOU should feel guilty since he/she is one of the “good” whites and YOU are a “bad” white. Even if they “apologize”, it is just a bunch of moral grand standing designed to make them look good. It is not about blacks because even when their children get married, there’s not a black in sight amongst the guests. Doesn’t matter. He’s a “good” white person (as proven by his moral grandstanding), while his political opponents are “bad”.

There are people of every political persuasion that are guilty of this, but it takes different forms.

For Liberals it usually looks like this:

“Being white sucks! Let’s jog against white privilege (to make ourselves look and feel good)! If only those conservative whites would realize that they are the racists and that they use racist ‘dog whistles’ and they are the cause for all the troubles black communities and be more like us, then everything will be ok! We will show them!” (puts $500 iphone back into $1,000 bag, hops in BMW to attend an all white cocktail party in Georgetown)

Conservatives tend to fall into two groups:

Group A (e.g. Ann Coulter): “No, we, conservatives, are not the racists! YOU, Liberals, are the real racists! The Confederacy was really a Liberal state! The Nazis were Liberals! Jim Crow was a Liberal policy! Detroit was destroyed by Liberal policies (you mean like Portland??)” (puts $500 Samsung Galaxy S4 back into $1,000 bag, hops in Cadillac Escalade to attend an all white cocktail party in McLean)

Group B (e.g. Joe Scarborough): “Those conservatives are racists, while I am not! We ‘good‘ white conservatives need to purge those racists out of our party!” (puts $500 iphone back into suit jacket, hops in limousine to attend an all white cocktail party on Manhattan’s upper West Side Liberals)

None of these white elites actually care about blacks (or any other non-Asian minority for that matter). None of these people want to live around significant numbers of blacks or Latinos. All of them, if given a choice, send their children to overwhelmingly white schools with $35K/year tuition. For them a “diverse” school or neighborhood is one that is around 80% white, 15% Asian and about 5% black and Latino combined. A school that is say, 25% white 40% Latino and 35% black is not “diverse” (in the “good” sense), and they would never want to send their children to such a “poor environment”.

Now, there is nothing wrong with sending one’s child to an 80% white school or living in a neighborhood that happens to be 80% white or even paying $35K for private schooling, but my issue is that while these same people spend lots of money to protect themselves and their families from from true “diversity”, they will, at the same time, demonize other whites as “racists” for desiring the same things. And by they way, please don’t misunderstand what I’m saying here. Living in a truly diverse community does not make one of higher moral status either.

In the aftermath of the Zimmerman verdict, we see it on full display. Twitter is still buzzing with whites saying that “it sucks to be white” and crying about “white privilege” and pointing their fingers at whites they don’t like and crying “racism” all in an attempt to insulate themselves from the charges. It is getting nauseating because we can’t have a true discussion on race in this country without someone (probably a white person) screaming “racism”. No one can ask if blacks in America are somehow immune from criticism? We can’t dare even broach the topic of whether blacks are never to be held responsible for their own failings. We can not discuss the topic of out of control crime in black communities across the union. If we can not hold them accountable, can we at least ask them to hold their own accountable? So to insulate ourselves from charges of racism, we just ignore the topic, while all of us answer those questions with our actions in the form of where we live and where we choose to send our children to school. (Oh, and accuse anyone who brings any of the topics up of “racism”)

This is why I usually call them out by asking them if they are actually living inside of the black communities or if they are going into black communities and spending significant time trying to help improve the very situation they are lamenting (and I mean really help, not going in one day and taking a few pictures to post on Facebook) or are they simply using this subject as a weapon against fellow whites? I would ask Joe Scarborough and Sean Hannity as quickly as I would Chris Matthews or Rachel Maddow.

Truth is, as I mentioned in another post, that we all live in the same community and want good. Let’s resist the intra-white moral posturing even when it comes from our own side.