I would say only in California but their are always a handful of lunatic states that seem to stay in cahoots with one another. Well it appears that parents are now looking for any signs, from babies on up, that may give indication their children are “special”–what use to be known as abnormal. Instead of trying to find the fault and fix the problem, we are told that it should be promoted as “normalcy”. Now we can fight till doomsday about a person being born homosexual but now we have to take a personal privacy (except in the military) like a bathroom break and open it up to an individuals “belief” of what sex they are that particular day. They want to pass a bill that allows the opposite sex (anatomy) into the same bathroom. And they want to start this in grammar school, where a child grows up thinking this is okay. Think about it.

I remember when they had boys schools only and girls schools only. Now this is seen as discrimination. They use to have separate dorms for boys and girls in colleges, but we can’t have that. It seems the more levels of taboo we have, that can be broken down, the more ROUNDED we become as a society. Or so the progressive minded think. With what has happened in the last 50 years or so, along with instant communications media, digital media, audio and video enhancements; is it any wonder that most things concerning sex are being exploited as well being thrown in our faces most everyday. With this constant frontal assault, is it any wonder why there is so much perversion and deviancy? Better yet, since things are becoming normal through tolerance, can we even see the deviancy and perversion anymore? The tolerance needs to stop and the lines need to be re-drawn and re-affirmed.