Wondering why the Leviathan across the river would not cut off (not simply “suspend”) military aid to Egypt? Well, who do you think profits from all of weapons sales? The big defense contractors do not want to see billions of dollars in fat defense contracts go down the drain. Therefore many gov’t figures (from the President on down) are/were doing verbal gymnastics in order to avoid the word “coup”, because it automatically meant cash out of the window for the DEFENSE CONTRACTORS:

Lockheed Martin makes fighter jets for Egypt. General Dynamics makes tanks, Raytheon makes missiles, Northrop Grumman makes radar equipment, Oshkosh makes trucks and VSE provides ship repair.

Yes, they “suspended” the aid (though it is still in the pipeline) but the point here is big business LOVES big government because they have the resources (that small businesses do not have) to hire lobbyists and other corporate shills to make sure the gravy train keeps running. They have the resources (that small businesses to do not) to hire a team of lawyers and an army of accountants to fight through the regulations and roadblocks. What am I talking about? The lobbyists they hire actually write legislation at times! Better believe that the lobbyists are working overtime to make sure that Egyptian spicket is turned back on soon.

Truth is that young men like the ones in the previous post are a drop in the bucket compared to the advantages that these defense contractors and other large contractors receive. Be sure to visit Muckety and take a look at the interactive map that details that collusion of the defense contractors.