I mean, really, let’s take a quick look at where we are. The Senate hasn’t done its job for 5 years now coming up with a budget. That should be an ouster offense. The cloture vote went just like expected with 24 dissenting Senators. So the House bill went forward and it was denied along party votes meaning the Dems voted against it. Reid then stripped the “defund Obamacare” amendment from it and sent it back over to the House. And the games begin. The House sent back an amended bill but it appears the Senate has less than banker hours and are playing games after their summer vacation. Why wasn’t this all addressed and worked on months ago? Well, now you have Obama making a speech about what parts of government will be active during a shutdown and then he goes on into a campaign speech about what is right and wrong, the kids, women, children, Pandas and those evil, hostage taking, small radical group of repubs in the house. Watch it here and you decide if just about everything he says is a lie, because it is (after what he says will shut down). The part that really shows how much he wants to negotiate is when he keeps repeating the term “the people’s government”. How many communist and socialist dictatorships have you heard use that term? And this dictator administration is no different.

Again, those talking heads have said just fund everything with a CR and let the weight of Obamacare crash around the heads of the Dems. I’m not a Dem, which means I care about other people. As I have said before, crashing the system will put us that much closer to single payer for this country. TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE! But here is what will happen first. Doctors already see what they get from Medicare and Medicaid in the form of payments. They don’t have practices that only have those patients because they couldn’t remain in business. That is why there are other forms of insurance to help offset those unrecoverable costs. But Obamacare comes in. Medicare payments go down to the level of Medicaid payments. Subsides also bring payments down to Medi levels. The doctors can’t make a living and repay the costs of their medical schooling , so they quit. New doctors find another profession that pays better without the red tape. Obamacare is such a mess, crashes, gets repealed and we then go back to how it was before and start all over……except there ain’t enough doctors to handle the patients. And all because it wasn’t stopped in the first place. So what is left to do? Me, I’m going fishing in 10 days and while I’m gone, if some country nukes D.C. before I get back, well, one: I’ll have an article to write about and two: we can start another government from scratch. Yes, that is sarcastic and yes, I am upset. How can a president (small “p” for a small dick-tater) make numerous amendments to a law from Congress? He should have been ousted for that as well as so many other things but still he whines from a podium for all to hear and cringe. And the media carries his water ever farther up the hill. And the ignorant keep their heads in the sand stating “I didn’t understand”. Redacted (I didn’t want to be called an anarchist). FUBAR. I’m going fishing and The Lord is coming with me.