It is funny that I get correspondence from both E. W. Jackson and JTHmishmash in the same day about the same issue. Now I could say that doctors shouldn’t be in politics, even though there have been many and some good ones. When you go to a doctor for a pain in your side, why would you want your doctor to become a pain in your neck because he asks if you own guns? Why should the CDC be involved in gun ownership in America? These things don’t make sense to me but political hacks do. This encompasses all the candidates running for office in Va. on the democrat side and Ralph Northam is one of the hacks. And a doctor. And a sleaze liar. You know, the normal stuff you see with dems most everywhere. I would steer you to JTH’s article on this subject and his picture with Sen. Cruz. I’m a Jackson fan for all the right reasons. He would (and will) be the best choice as Lt. Gov for all Virginians. Northam just wants to pass a political agenda at that his puppetmasters dictate. It must be lonely being mindless.